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Improve eyesight MAGIC EYE


Magic Eye May Improve Your VisionMagic Eye images are used worldwide by eye specialists for vision therapy. Viewing Magic Eye images is like "Oasis for your eyes!"
Draw 3D stereogram latest in high-performance engine!Eyesight improvement can be obtained with your Android! !
It's Free version.
①extend your arm with a smartphone.
②If "Parallel-Viewing"(Normal mode)Look further afield than the smartphone3D image that I emerge.
③If "Cross-Viewing"(Cross-method)look closer smartphone3D image that I emerge.
④Can be switched "Parallel-viewing" "Cross-Viewing" When you tap the image.
⑤You can also tap the image and display the answer.
⑥Let's training as a guideline 10 minutes to 30 minutes a day! !
Q. Can anyone see a Magic Eye image?A. Most people can see a Magic Eye image.
Q. Are you training can even leave a contact and glasses?A. YES you can.
Q. Should I remove glasses or contacts and good will?A. Let's first lesson is still in place!
Q. Does not look ...A. Let's adjust the two black balls (guide balls) to look like three black balls!
Q. Eyes were tired · ·A. Let's take a break. Time because it is a rule of thumb, proceed at a pace that was in him.
Q. Eyes Will you really be better?A. Magical Eye is in no way absolute. But there are a number of examples.Let me try first because it is free!It is said to be effective in the reduction of eye fatigue in addition to visual recovery.